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How to Make a Herbal Salve

I am a total herb nerd. But really, herbs are wonderful and are beneficial in so many different ways. Using herbs in salves is one of my favorite ways to use them because they help so many different conditions; diaper rashes, bee stings, burns, bruises, cuts, rashes, infections, etc. Salves can draw out splinters and stingers. They can also be soothing for arthritis pain!

To make a salve you only need 3 ingredients: 

  1. Herbs
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Beeswax

(OPTIONAL) You can add essential oils, too: figure 5 drops per ounce as a rule of thumb.

What herbs should you use in a salve?

You can pick your herbs based on what you want the salve to accomplish.

Herbs that work best for healing skin include:

This mix of herbs contain astringent, antibacterial, soothing and healing properties that may help to heal and moisturize skin, clear rashes, fight infection, draw out poison, relieve itching, reduce inflammation, minimize scarring, sooth burns, remove blemishes from the skin, and more!

Herbs that work best for pain relief include:

This mix of herbs contain properties that come together to help reduce inflammation, fight pain, and promote circulation.

Herbs that work best for sore muscles

This blend of herbs help penetrate the skin, and soothe and heal damaged muscles while reducing inflammation.



I recommend Bulk Herb Store, Amazon or your garden! 🙂

Alright, now lets make a salve!


1. Making a salve might sound difficult, but it isn’t. The thing that takes the longest is infusing your herbs with oil. The best way for you to do this is in a crock pot on very low heat.

2. Stuff a large mason jar 1/2 full with herbs.

3. Fill jar with oil of your choice (I prefer coconut oil and you can get it in bulk for a good price here), leaving at least one inch from the top of jar. Screw a lid on tight.

4. Put a wash cloth in the bottom of the crock pot. Put jar in the center of the pot (on the wash cloth). Fill the crock pot with water, one inch below top of jar.

5. Keep crock pot on low heat (oil needs to be very hot but not boiling) for 3 days. Water will evaporate out of the pot, so keep adding water as needed. (NEVER pour cold water over a hot glass jar.) 😉

6. As the herbs’ properties release in the oil, the oil will have more color and smell like herb oil. With a cheese cloth or nut milk bag (cotton sheet or t-shirt will work too) strain herb solids out of oil into a separate bowl. It’s best to wait until the oil cools down.  Now you have a herbal infused oil!

7. To make the oil into a salve you need bees wax. You need approximately 2 oz. of grated beeswax for 8 oz. of infused oil, or 1:4 parts.

8. On low heat, warm oil and bees wax until wax is all melted. Best to do this in a double boiler, or in a pot you use only for herbs, as the beeswax will be hard to get out if you don’t clean it out right away.

9. Add a drop of vitamin E oil for every ounce of oil. This is a natural preservative.

10. While salve is still hot, pour into your container (wide mouth jar, can, etc.).

11. Let sit over night or until salve is hard.

12. Screw a lid on tight and label with name and date. You did it! You have a salve!!!

– If it is too soft for you, reheat and add more beeswax. If it is too hard reheat and add a touch more oil.
– Salve is a thick oil that is used for, cuts, bites, burns, rashes, boils, massage, and more. Salves can keep up to five years or more.
– Keep out of light and extreme heat.


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