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About Us

I’m Brooke, the creator and writer of this beautiful little natural lifestyle blog. Initially, I started Natural, Wild & Free for me: a place to keep my collections of real, from-scratch recipes, daily inspirations, learnings and musings. But ultimately, my hope is this will be a special place for you, too.

I’m a dreamer of all things self-sufficientand a believer that nature can heal all diseases. I ride horses and wrangle chickens and I love full moons and stop for flower fields.

As a health coach and nutritionist and a student currently pursuing herbal medicine, I am grateful to be in the unique position to work at a leading integrated medical and dental center and have the incredible opportunity to learn about integrative medicine from these doctors every day.

At my core, I believe in nature. I believe everything in the world has a purpose, and every disease has an herb to heal it. I hope you will follow me, and even join me, on my journey in this wild thing called life.


My Education